Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am so sorry everyone, we still don't have internet and that's my excuse for not writing more, but we've been so busy lately, I doubt I would have anyway.So, quick update... Carter is finishing up the semester and will get his Associates!!! WAHOO! He's doing FANTASTIC in school. Here's a cool story: Carter is in a college success class (mostly for freshmen but Carter needed a class at that time for the credits), they were discussing how different people learn. Carter said that what he does is thinks about what the professor is saying and analyzes it to see if it makes sense, if he understands it, he remembers it. So, his teacher said that some of his colleagues are doing a study on this subject and what they have found is that people who learn that way (the way Carter does) are the geniuses. So, long story short, Carter is genius (which I have known since high school because Carter never studied and always got better scores, which is really annoying. But now there's scientific proof). Anyway, hooray for Carter and school! He's also still working at Boss Engineering (which is where we are right now) and they still love him. Thank goodness that they still have work and new contracts coming in. They work with government and commercial companies for the most part, thank goodness.
As for me, I'm working is Husband and Wife and I am loving it. It's in American Fork, which is a bit of a drive, but soon (I don't know how soon, but I'm hoping ASAP) I will be managing a new store in Orem! Yippee! Much closer and better pay.
We're loving our little basement under Alesa and Jake. They just had their sweet baby Nora two weeks ago and we're having a ball being able to see her just about every day! She was such a cute little skeleton for Halloween! :)
This month (November) is our family temple month! Wahoo! I'm so excited. Every day this month, someone in our family will be in the temple. I've been trying to go every two weeks, and so far I've done it. It is so wonderful to be able to leave the world behind and feel total peace for a little bit, most times I don't want to leave.
I've been thinking about Thanksgiving that's coming up and how much we have to be thankful for. Lately I have thought a lot about the knowledge that the gospel brings into our lives. With the challenges we face and how crazy the world is getting, the Gospel is what keeps me hopeful. Everything is under control and if we are faithful we have no need to fear. So, this month I invite everyone to think about things that we are truly grateful for, things that can't be taken away from us.
We love you all.

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