Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday

Well, this year Black Friday lived up to it's name! This really isn't a good picture because Carter took it on his phone, it was rainy and misty as you can see. I was on my way to work and got into a big crash, no fun. :( But the good news is that I'm alive (thanks to my seat belt)! Hooray! The paramedic actually said that it literally did save my life. So I have a totally new perspective on life and I love you all so so so much! Carter has been so sweet and has taken such good care of me. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!



Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

wow, I'm glad you're alive, too!!!! So what happened?

Chase and Tedi said...

Oh Katie I'm so sorry! That really sucks! You need me to bring anything? Any broken bones? I'm glad you're still alive!

Padre said...

Katie, this is Julie. I am sorry to hear about your accident. I bet you are sore, but I am relieved you are ok.

TooSure said...

oohh! Wow, that really does help you to live each day to the fullest. Glad you are okay!

Sam and Lacey said...

I heard about it. I am so glad everything turned out okay.

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

Oh my gosh Katie, we are twins....look at my blog, my car looks about the same as yours...thankfully we got a new one today!!

Kate Taylor said...

I hate to say what I am about to say because you were in an accident.I am so glad you're ok btw. Black Friday is dangerious and I wish it was outlawed.

Heres where I am sorry for giggling a little during your post. My post is long but it applies to your accident and the seat bealt that saved you. Sorry but I laughed twice while reading this one.

1. I was in what should have been a devastating accident. I recently had to pull the life-support on my mom and was angry. I lived in Death Valley, CA. working for the national parks (that's right! Death Valley) in a bad mood I decided that the desert was too flat to drive slow during an emotional moment at 9 at night.

coincidently a man from the telephone company was at the Death Valley hotel as their phones were down (not from my accident). Turns out the roads were a bit icy as it was December and my car lost control, spun around in circles way too many times before falling down a ravine filled with giant bourders. If you know the death valley area,which might as well be Mars, than you know that this stretch of road loving nicknamed " no mans land" between death valley and Pahrump is one of the more barren stretches of highway in America. No gas station, resteraunt,cell service, hotel,and the brothels are too far to walk to.

It was unlikely a car would pass by that night, let an alone see a car with broken headlights down a ravine. I was literally between a rock and a hard spot. The back seats where made to pull down to get out the trunk, but was blocked by a boulder.The windows would not break even after hitting it with a Maglite and kicking the window. Power windows wouldn't open because the battery had dislodged and fell out the hood. The doors were surrounded by huge boulders. I was upside down and the only water I had was now dumped everywhere.

Yet I was so calm through the accident. I just let my muscles relax in the rolls I took. I had never felt safer. It was strange,and I had a gut feeling my moms spirit was there. I just knew as the car spun and rolled...today was not the day I die. Suddenly the phone repairman was on his way back to town and stopped on the side of the road to pee. Why he pulled over in the exact spot my car was, only the universe and mom knows. He heard his pee hitting metal, looked down and saw me pounding on the window for help. He rescued me and called an ambulance. Heres where the funny part starts:

Paramedic: Wow, you don't have a scratch or bruise on you at all. you seem in great shape!
Me: Yeah I feel fine,Im not even sore or nothing.
Paramedic: You must have been wearing your seat belt
Me: Always!

Paramedic: I NEVER WEAR A SEAT BELT. THEY'RE JUST TOO UNCOMFORTABLE (he was totally serious.)

Wow. Just wow.

Sorry for the long comment but the other reason I laughed is that I stumbled on your blog today while browsing and was shocked that you do all the same things I do Such as make your own soap , use RIT to up your clothing game! In fact anytime clothing starts to fade, get pit stains,other stains (wine sometimes) or become perminantly dingy white....I color it with RIT. I thought"OMG a girl who thinks like me! Than I saw that we had the same name. Hello other smart girl with an awesome name!

Thats what you call a cool coincidence!!