Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Red Carpet Premier Event

Are you ready?


This is going to be fantastic.


A night of great conversation, beautiful birth videos (never before seen), amazing birth and women's services professionals, decadent desserts, seriously good prizes, and a whole lot more! I am even going to bust out a few of my birth goddess sculptures...

Tickets are going fast, so CLICK HERE for registration and more information.

This list of vendors is so beautiful I think I'm going to cry:

To be able to mingle with all these providers in one place is going to be simply AMAZING. What a lovely night this will be!
We'll see you there!


A Year

It has been a year since my last post. I am aghast.

This last year has been full of changes that I would never suspect.
Since my last post:

  • I have become a birth doula.
  • I have officially started my company, Tree of Life Mama, and the hubbs and I have spent much time and effort getting it off the ground.
  • Baby Hazel, pictured below as a two-week angel, is now a 1-year angel who walks like a champ and has two adorable teeth. 
  • Will, the little stud, is 3 and has become such a clown. His new favorite thing is knock knock jokes, which, though they make no sense whatsoever, make us laugh  until we cry.
  • My big hunk of husband and I decided that the right career path for him, and our family, is the military (!) and we are getting the paperwork finalized in the next few weeks. This decision is a huge one for us and while there are many (many, many, many) unknowns, we are excited for this new adventure.
  • We had chickens, and then (sad day) we had to sell them.
  • We became a way more super awesome couple (like fine wine, we get better with age)
Though that list is incredibly truncated, you get the gist of the last year at our house.

And, here's an updated pic!