Monday, April 26, 2010

How the Time Flies

Will is 6 months old today. Holy Molie. He is growing so fast, it seems like he learns to do something new every day. Some of his new tricks include sitting up and eating solids. A few weeks ago he found some consonants rolling around in his mouth and decided to let them out, he's now a very big babbler. He's figuring out his toys, what things spin and what things stretch and is getting very quick with his hands. He loves to touch and feel people faces, I love it when he gets both hands on my cheeks and checks out my face. He also gives me kisses when I rescue him from his crib (as long as I don't take too long). Needless to say, he's growing too fast. We are excited for all of the new discoveries to come! Happy 6 month birthday to my baby boy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hail the Conquering Hero!

Mom graduated today! We are all so proud of her, she's an inspiration to us all. I was on the verge of tears all day, what a boob. Anyway, here are the pictures, I know that's what you're all here for.

We let off poppers and put all the streamers on her head... she's a good sport. :)

We're all so proud.

Will is so proud too :) Yay Grandma!

The cake in progress...

Steph making the Ti Leaf lei, she's amazing.

The finished products.

The Cake



Hangin' with Daddy


I like all the movement in this picture, it's not flattering to anyone, just kinda cool.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....... I LOOOOOOVE having her here! This was taken a split second before we we noticed what Will was up to... :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Practice makes perfect

Contrary to what the title may imply, this is not the perfect result from practice. Rather, this is the first practice of what will eventually be perfect...hopefully.
I took a cake decorating class a few weeks ago, so I do have some training.....I am making a wedding cake for a friend in May, so until then I will be making all kinds of cakes for every event imaginable. I made this cake on Saturday (it helps keep the general conference sleepies away) for an Easter/conference family dinner on Sunday. I called it a pre-wedding wedding cake because at that dinner we got to meet two soon to be in-laws! My cousin Grant is getting married to Jenny on June 19th and my other cousin Ashley is getting married to Jason on June 5th. Love is in the air.
Anyway, so here's my first go at cake decorating and it's a total BLAST, I love it. So, if you need any fun or fancy cakes just let me know! I'd be happy to whip something up! If you have anything against the taste of fondant you've had, come and taste my home-made fondant, it's DELISH, not joking. It will change your mind right around.
Keep in mind that this is not fondant, it's butter cream, which amazingly makes it look better. I do realize that these flowers are much too big for this cake, but on Sunday morning, it's a bit too late to do anything about it.