Monday, April 26, 2010

How the Time Flies

Will is 6 months old today. Holy Molie. He is growing so fast, it seems like he learns to do something new every day. Some of his new tricks include sitting up and eating solids. A few weeks ago he found some consonants rolling around in his mouth and decided to let them out, he's now a very big babbler. He's figuring out his toys, what things spin and what things stretch and is getting very quick with his hands. He loves to touch and feel people faces, I love it when he gets both hands on my cheeks and checks out my face. He also gives me kisses when I rescue him from his crib (as long as I don't take too long). Needless to say, he's growing too fast. We are excited for all of the new discoveries to come! Happy 6 month birthday to my baby boy.


Grandma said...

Happy birthday, Lil Will. We love you to death....such a precious little spirit.

mooseboy said...

Wow, Guys he has grown up so fast.

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

love LOVE that boy. So glad I got to meet you little William! you are an angel!