Sunday, October 5, 2008

Temple in Rome, Italy

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted forever, we don't have the internet at our apartment yet. But I am writing to comment on the announcement that a temple will be built in Rome, Italy. I can't even begin to express my feelings. A few things went through my head when the announcement was made and I am just too excited not to share them. First, I thought of my families and friends there. The gospel isn't prominent there, most people haven't ever heard of the church, not even rumors or anything about polygamy. I am hoping that my friends will be able to visit the temple grounds and feel the spirit that is there. I want so much for them to feel the love the Savior has for them.
Second, I thought of my wonderful branch and all the members in Italy. The closest temple is in Bern, Switzerland. It's only about 5 hours from Milan, but for them, that's a very long way (distance is perceived differently there, my host grandma Rinna has never been to Rome because it's too far, it's about 4 hours away). What amazed me when we got to Bern were the members. It was like we were all part of a family. The Church owns a hostel about 20 yards away from the temple that everyone stays in. We walked into the kitchen and everyone came to hug us and welcome us. They all knew each other. They came from all over Italy, from Sicily to Naples to Venice. They all glowed and the spirit was so strong around them. I never thought that the term "brothers and sisters in the church" could be so literal, they love each other and love the Lord. The love they have for the temple is overwhelming and I can't being to imagine their joy to have a temple close by.
The third thing I thought about was ROME. Rome, Italy, the center of the Catholic church, the Vatican. Rome has been a huge contributor to world religion for centuries. It was the center of Paganism until the reformation to Christianity by Constantine the Great, and now the Vatican state is within it. Finally, the truth will be established there. How big a difference it will be from the grandiose halls of the Vatican to be on the temple grounds and feel the quiet peace and love the gospel brings.
I'm sure this isn't of great importance to most of you, I just needed to share my feelings and gratitude I have for the gospel and how excited I am for the truth to be declared with more power to a people that I love very dearly.

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Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

I of course thought of you when I heard this news! so exciting- did you realize that one of the temples announced was in the greater kansas city area, which includes jackson county, Missouri? Interesting, isn't it?