Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Of Things To Come

It has come to my attention that I have at least one avid reader out there who cares about the frequency of my posts (you know who you are). This was quite a big shock. 

So, as it is late, I am posting a quick blurb and teaser picture for everyone to wonder about. 


It has also come to my attention (just today) that January is quickly approaching. Much quicker than I previously thought. January is this Sunday. 

3 days. 

While this may not be of great importance to most of you, I must explain why it is quite significant in my life this year. 

I'm pregnant. And due. January 12th. 

But, the full moon is on January 9th. And my body is prepping as we speak. 
So that big bright moon might just be what my little girl needs to throw in the towel and decide to make her debut into this lovely world. 

That's 12 days from now. 

And there is much to be done. 
One of the "much" is this secret project teaser below.


Happy guessing!

And now I am off to dream of my sweet baby girl and if she will have the blonde curly hair of her older brother, or if we'll get a surprise brunette. 

1 comment:

Stephanie Shumway said...

is it me? is it me??? well, even if it isn't, I DO care... and you're a jerk for the teaser. I hate teasers. that being said, maybe I'LL give birth on the 9th- it being a full moon and all, you never know what might happen... since it's also MY birthday... where's that dang miak when you need it?