Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Summer

It has been MUCH too long since this blog was last updated. So, here's the run down of our summer in pictures.

Will made a new friend.

He discovered how fun laundry is (you will see that this has grown into quite a hobby)

I made a practice cake to teach my new assistant the ropes.

And another cake for Cami's baby shower.

Will found Grandma Woolley's wall outlets and air vents (not shown) at our sleep over.

He also found the joy of toilet paper rolls.

Carter and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in Park City.

And went to an IMAX at the planetarium

And had fun at the gift shop :)

I made this wedding cake...

.. AND this wedding cake in one day. Thank goodness for assistants.

We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Pointe with Rob and Renee. After seeing pictures from this day I gave up eating refined sugars... I don't know if I've lost any weight yet but a feel a lot better at least.

We fed the llamas.

And Will rode his first pony.

Mom had her birthday, and loved her presents.

And her (fabulous) cake.

And the lovely birthday glasses.

Eve loved the glasses too.

William likes to play laundry pirate.

And loves his new toy from Serafina and Paolo.

Besides this being a fun "laundry boy" costume, this was an attempt to keep him from grabbing already-folded clothes. It works better when they're a little bigger and you tie the socks together (I know this because my grandpa used to do it to me). As it happened, it worked for about 30 seconds and then Will just shook them off.

Ah, dirt. It would be cute if it was chocolate of some sort.

The washer is all the rage.

As are boxes. He climbed on top of this, around it, knocked it over a bunch of times, and then decided to play inside of it.

He's getting to be a little mover and climber. He'll climb up anything he can (he gets that from me, dangit) and is constantly re-arranging the kitchen chairs. They'll be spread all over the kitchen and I have to put them back around the table, and then an hour later they're all over again. It's good walking practice. I caught him trying to scale the oven the other day. he stepped up on the handle below the oven and then grabbed the oven handle, which made the oven open and he fell backwards. The oven is now always locked and I had to take off all the knobs for the stove. We almost blew up the other day because he turned on the gas and I didn't see it. Ah the joy of parenting. :) He's grown up so much this summer, I don't realize it until I look at these pictures.


Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

:) I remember Megan and Matthew turning on the gas and opening the oven- what fun! You look great in the pictures- I don't know what you're talking about. But that's awesome that you gave up refined sugar- have you picked it up again, yet? Being a cake decorator and giving it up are a teeny tiny bit incompatible. ha ha ha- It's tough! Especially knowing that McDonalds ice cream cones are only 150 calories. :P Love ya sis! thanks for updating!

Sera Lucia said...

I am proud to report that I have not taken up sugar (the refined sort). :) Only for special occasions, you know. And of course I have to taste my cakes and fillings to make sure they're good, but I only eat a tiny bit. I'm way proud of myself, it's been really easy actually, and that was a big surprise for me. I'm thinking this is more of a life change than a diet, plus I got my vita-mix so I can make ice cream that has only fruits and veggies! Yum yum! William is getting really creative with the climbing now. Yesterday he stood on the edge of the washing machine basket and was reaching for knives on the table top. Let the good times roll!