Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Topaz Mountain

The Camp

Bryce & Jessica

Digging for Geodes

Carter's Geode, not in focus, but it is very awesome

The boys fixing the tire.

This last weekend we took a little trip down to Topaz Mountain with our friends, Bryce and Jessica Mortimer. It was our first run of all the camping gear we got for our wedding and Christmas, Thank you EVERYONE, everthing worked GREAT. We went down to look for, of course, topaz, and geodes as well. We camped on Friday night and Saturday was the big rock hunting day. Jessica was so excited to get down there, we finally got to our camping spot and got out of the truck, stretched, looked around, and Jessica was already halfway up the road digging for rocks. Haha, she was pretty excited about being there. We had tin foil dinners and talked and had a good time that night. By the time we got up the next morning, Jessica had been on top of the mountain chiseling for topaz for about an hour. As far as topaz, you only find little pieces, but we found some really neat geodes. Carter found the first (and the best) one, the pictures doesn't give it justice. To get to the layer where the geodes are, you have to dig about 4 feet into the ground. We just found holes that someone else dug and kept digging. :) There's a layer of red and white clay down there and that's where you find them. It was a lot of fun. Saturday we drove about 70 miles of dirt road, and when we finally got onto a paved road about 10 yards, the tire blows out. :( Poor Bryce and Carter had to get under the truck and use the incredibly awful jack (it was one that just has a little socket for a bar and you twist it up kind of like winding up a jack-in-the-box). The bad part was that with each turn the jack went up about 1/4 centimeter). So, the poor boys, after shoveling and pick axe-ing all day, spent a good 45 minutes twisting the thing. But, they were so tired they were giggling about how much their bodies hurt the whole time, which I guess is good, but makes me feel bad at the same time. Thank goodness for husbands is all I have to say! But, all in all, we were back in the road in about an hour, made good time, and the trip was still lots of fun!
P.S. to Demanie - I'm SO happy that I was the one behind the camera this time, the camera isn't friendly when you look like death warmed over with no makeup ;D


TooSure said...

sound like lots of fun!!!

Aaron & Stephanie Shumway (& family) said...

ok, so how do you know where to find a geode? That's very cool!