Thursday, April 17, 2008

Haircuts and Sunny St. George!

Kyle, being Kyle

Pool Tag, you can see Autum screaming in the background...

The "match game" in the hot tub

Cute one of Court & Ali

Courtney & Ali dancing

Ali dancing (the flash was off so it's kinda blurry, but I think it looks cool)

Well, this last weekend we had another great trip down to St. George. I swam most of Saturday with the kids and got a nice little burn, didn't hurt but I got nice and pink. We love to see our family down there. It was Abby's first birthday so Renee's parents came up from Arizona, which was a bonus! I also got a haircut, which isn't exciting for anyone else but me, and I'm WAY excited about this one, probably because it's my first "big" haircut since 2004. Haha. I got it cut about a week ago, but it wasn't quite what I had pictured, so I got more layers and highlights yesterday and now I love it. This is making me sound kinda shallow, but I guess I'm just that excited. Carter got his hair cut yesterday too! I love clean cut hair! Yay! Anyway, I got some pictures of the pool fun. We usually listen to Greatest Hits by Elton John, hence why I put Tiny Dancer first on my playlist. Ali loves to dance for us, she's really a doll. So listen and enjoy!


The Torgerson's said...

It was so good to see you guys. I am glad that Ali entertained you. I hope we can see you soon.

Sam & Janell said...

Hey, where is the picture of the new hair. There is nothing like shorter, blonder hair for the summer. It always makes me happy anyway. Post a picture, I 'd love to see it!!

TooSure said...

how dare you talk about a new hair cut and not post photos of it. I want to see some photos of the HOTTT Katie!