Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was thinking about my Grandpa Woolley this morning, as I usually do this time of year, and I decided he's too good to keep to myself. I'd like to share a few thoughts about him.
Grandpa was someone everyone loved to be around, and he knew just about everyone. On a family trip to the Spam Museum (that wasn't the final destination) we were joking that he always runs into someone he knows, or someone who knows someone he knows, and even at the Spam Museum it would probably be the same. It was. Lo and behold, there he was talking and laughing with someone. He never forgot a name.
He was someone you wanted to talk with, you wanted to have a new joke or story just to tell Grandpa. When you had his attention you felt like the most important person in the world.
He loved jokes and to play tricks. He loved tennis and golf, and racquetball, and a lot of other sports. But mostly he loved Grandma. They have one of those perfect love stories, the kind that could be a movie. They were best friends, and they still are.
When Grandpa passed away Nov. 5, 2006 I thought the house would feel different, kind of half empty, but it doesn't. We know he's with us when the family gets together and that he takes care of Grandma. We can still feel Grandpa. We know he's busy doing all kinds of work on the other side, but he loves his family and will always be around.
I love my Grandpa very much and I am so excited to be with him again.