Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Completed Shelves and More!

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for the completed shelves, and you haven't waited in vain, I think these puppies are pretty fabulous:

Empty (almost)

With all the stuff

So there you go, but wait! More pictures!
Today was a pretty nice day (in a sub-zero kind of way) so we decided to go on a walk on the path by our house. Here's the photo documentation:

Before the walk

At the beginning...

About 5 minutes in...

This last stage didn't last long... :)

Look at these thunder thighs!! They're just so juicy!!!

Remember this onesie? Well the model now fits into it! (when I made it he was about the size of a grape)

So, my goal for finishing school by the end of January didn't come to fruition, I decided to not loose my mind and relax a little this weekend (relaxing meaning painting the shelves and re-organizing all closets in the house). But Tuesday is the day that it will all be done! I figure February 2nd isn't bad. Oh, I also signed up for the Wedding and Event Planning course, one diploma down, one more to go. I think I must be crazy, but I'm still excited to get started on it, and then finish it in record time... haha. I do have to give a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful mother for coming over to watch Will while I sit at the kitchen table and study and finish my school projects. She's the biggest life saver.

Coming up next: The REAL finishing of school, Will's Blessing, and random cute pictures of Will :)


Tedi said...

We'll be there for the blessing! I never told you, but better late then never right?

hoopes family said...

Love Love Love the blog!!  It is so fun to see will!  What a cutie he is.  I have to learn how to blog.  That really is the only way to keep up with family that is far away.  Love ya sis!