Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Now that Carter and I have made a significantly cuter person, all pictures on this blog will be of him. :) I just have to show you all what we've been up to this month, from Will's perspective (which isn't a whole bunch of exciting things, but he looks cute so that makes it interesting.)

I have been looking adorable in my bunny suit (which is now a bit squishy on me and mom is sad)

My neck is getting so strong, this picture was taken a few weeks ago and I'm even stronger now. hooah!

I have made two visits to Great Grandma Harward's house. This is the first time we met, I was a bit out of it.

I LOOOVE my daddy. When he walks into the room I don't let him out of my sight. Taking naps is something we like to do together.

I am an expert smiler and am getting better at laughing too. I like to smile during diaper changes, so here is a picture of the pretty end of that activity.

Baths. I have mixed feelings about them. They're fine until we get to the face and neck.

I look adorable in hooded towels.

I also look adorable when I'm all ready for bed with my jammies and soothie.

Well, that's all we've been up to. You can see in these pictures how much he's grown over the past month and a half, it's happy and sad at the same time. My mom always told me not to grow up, and now I know where she was coming from. Oh well, c'est la vie! We're having so much fun watching Will discover new things, like his hands, which he now stares at all the time and sucks on non stop. He's getting better at sleeping through the night (wa hoo!) and is eating lots. We are looking forward to Christmas and hope you all have a very merry one as well.


Tedi said...

He's so big! He looks bigger than the last time I saw him! Lets get together soon! We moved finally and are trying to settle in!

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

HOLY HARWARD!!!! His bath picture totally looks like dad!!! What cute pics, Kate! Thanks for sharing!