Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oregon Family Reunion

Hooray for family reunions! Last week was our first "Harward Family Reunion" - meaning my parents and their kids. We've grown big enough and live far enough away from each other to merit a reunion! That's a happy and sad thing. Anyway, we got together and had a four day party. :) The only thing that kept us from being in total bliss was that my sister, Cami, and her family got stuck in the Chicago airport and couldn't make it any further west because we all flew standby and nothing was available. I was about in tears when I heard that they wouldn't make it. But we have another reunion for my mom's side of the family this Christmas, hopefully they can make it to that, they're the ones that live the farthest away.
We went up to Oregon where my brother has a vacation cabin right by Mt. Hood. the weather was BEAUTIFUL and everything was green! There's many pictures to be posted, so let's get started!

Us at Multinoma Falls, it is SO beautiful. We were going to stop there on our honeymoon but ran out of time, but there's no time like the present!

Trillium Lake. It's an amazing view of Mt. Hood... and of my big ol' belly in a swimsuit! :S

Grant and Megan out on the canoe with Carter where he told them the story of the swamp monster which they didn't stop talking about the rest of the trip.

Rand looking surprised without any hands during the "variety show".

Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary surprise cake! We all look funny because we're in the middle of singing.

Grandma and the kids on the treasure hunt!

Grandpa helping dig up the buried treasure.

Hooray for the loot!

Grandma playing with the kiddles.

All the adults dominated the playing balls. This is the part where we're looking nice, but out of the picture there are four siblings aiming plastic balls at our heads and four nieces and nephews crying from getting hit with balls that were aimed at their parents. :)

In line for the Indy Carts

Rand and Colin passing me

McKell, he's probably passing me too.

Carter and Liam. Cuuute.

McKell on the bungee trampoline. I wanted to do it, but I don't think it would've been good for baby boy.

Carter zipping down the alpine slide, he got the fast carts with 4 wheels instead of 2. Lucky duck.

Carter and Colin ready to head down the slide!

Me and Megan. She wanted to ride the ski lifts all day until I convinced her to just try the slide.... she changed her mind :)

Uncle Rob and the kids on the trampoline, he later recruited help from the other uncles to even things out.

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Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

yay for pictures! I haven't even looked at my pics yet! I promise within a week I'll post about the reunion too. that was so much fun- it seemed WAY too short.