Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello everyone! It has been ages since I've posted anything, so sorry! Life has been busy. Since I wrote last we have moved, Carter has gone fishing in Alaska, I have set up (almost all the way) my design company, and we have THREE tomatoes on our tomato plant! YES! So, from the top, we MOVED! I never thought it would be such a tiring thing! We didn't even have to pack up all of our stuff, it was already in boxes and we just moved and unpacked and it was still so tiring. But, the good news is that we're all moved in! (photos on this post will be coming probably on Friday because we don't have internet at our new place yet) We are loving our new place and invite everyone to come over! I just found out that Catherine McAllister Shapiro is in our new ward! WOW. I am so excited because since kindergarten I've always looked up to her, she was always happy and full of energy, and she went on a foreign exchange to Belgium and from that time on I had a goal to go on one, and then I did! So anyway, I am so happy that I'll get to rub shoulders with her.
Ok, next, Carter went fishing in Alaska with all the boys in his family. I haven't heard all the stories from the trip, but from what I do know, it was lots of fun and definitely an experience. They each brought home 44 pounds of fish, so if anyone has some good halibut recipes let me know! From the pictures, Alaska looks absolutely gorgeous.
I am setting up my company! the name, Sera Lucia, is being registered with the state as we speak and I got my EIN. YAY! I'm going to go over some things with my boss to set it all up just right (it is so handy working for a lawyer). AND I started a company blog . I am so excited to get the show on the road! Thank you everyone for your business name suggestions! I know I'm going to use all of the runner-up names for other purposes within the company. I think I'll explain the name I chose, since I wanted the name to be something that has meaning to me, not just a pretty name. the name Sera Lucia comes from my two Italian moms, Serafina and Lucia. I didn't really pay attention to design and architecture before I went to Italy, but over there, design is so important to them, it's such a huge part of their culture, and I really came to love their style. Anyway, I thought it was fitting for the company to be named something Italian, and Sera Lucia just sounds good.
Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have 3 TOMATOES!! I am so excited. I have been taking care of my little plants with no results. but finally yesterday I was looking and there they were! Three beautiful little green roma tomatoes. Carter is not as excited, but I was just giddy.
I'll be uploading pictures soon.
We love you all!


Chase and Tedi said...

Oh man KT! I still need to come over to your house and see it! I bet you are SUPER happy that Carter is home! :) I know I miss Chase a lot when he's gone. Next time he wants to take me with him. :S You must give Chase a little credit for helping with your design for your logo. He asked me what Sera Lucia meant and I told him it probably had to do something with Italy. :) and I WAS RIGHT! YA! Even though I don't like tomatoes, I'm proud of you for having a tomato plant! :)

We really need to hang out more often! YA!

Aaron & Stephanie Shumway (& family) said...

yay tomatoes.
yay alaska.
yay company
woo hoo

TooSure said...

Wow, you guys have been really busy. Where did you move to?

CK Rasmussen said...

We moved to a basement apartment in Provo. We are loving it! :) How are you guys doing?