Monday, March 17, 2008

Dixie Fun!


This weekend was lots of fun for us. First we had Chelsey's graduation from Bon Losee beauty school, CONGRATULATIONS CHELSEY! Then we took a little trip down to St. George to be with Mom and Dad. Saturday morning we went out with the wheelers and had a blast. :) Then Sam and Lacey came over and we talked and sat around in the hot tub, ahhhhhh. Ali is the cutest little dancer and put on a show for us, she's really good at her ballet positions. Now it's back to trying to loose the St. George pounds that we always put on! Thanks for the wonderful weekend everyone!!


TooSure said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Did you get to ride by yourself or was Carter in charge? I didnt know that Carter's parent's moved to St. George. So what does Chelsey have planned now that she is done with school? Is she going to work in Utah County or in St George? Does she have a job lined up?

TooSure said...

I have tried to leave like 3 comments and it doesnt workk!!!!!

TooSure said...

nevermind...I found the note that it has to be approved first. Ha ha. Another blonde know how that goes right??!!!!