Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Skuttlebutt

Thanksgiving was spectacular.
Will has been contemplating becoming a full-time walking man, but the verdict hasn't come in yet.
Carter is finishing up the fall semester. Smarty pants.
Katie blew up her computer. It's all OK now. Hence this post.
Christmas time is rockin'. Oh Yeah.
Life is magnificent.

And now we can get to the pictures (the main draw, I know.)

Will's time is mostly spent figuring out all the cords.

My Cake. I turned twenty and four.

Will's Cake. Arrgh.

I was proud of my boy, he dug right in... once he figured out it was cake.

Presents! Huzzah!

That terror of the seas Ms. Nora...

... and her cohort Cap'n Soggybottom William Kent!

And here are some of our family pictures. Even in the untimely wing and rain, they turned out lovely.